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22 May UNE Business School Event: Andy Fastow - Rules v Principles Ethics is understanding the difference between what is right to do and what you have the right to do. Fraud examiners, Auditors, Regulators, and Compliance experts look for “fraud”, but fraud is a narrowly defined term. Usually, these experts look for embezzlement, bribery, and the forging of incorrect financial entries. In other words, these experts look for employees who are “breaking the rules”. However, a majority of what is determined to be fraud “after-the-fact”, were actually decisions made by employees who believed they were “following the rules”. Andrew Fastow was the Chief Financial Officer of Enron Corp. from 1998 through 2001. In 2001, Enron filed for bankruptcy protection. As a result of the bankruptcy, $40 billion of shareholder wealth and retirement savings was destroyed, thousands of people lost their jobs, and many businesses and institutions in Houston and elsewhere were adversely affected. Mr. Fastow is the only Enron executive that has taken full responsibility for his actions, and he has repeatedly and publicly expressed remorse. In addition to serving his prison sentence, Mr. Fastow forfeited far more money than he ever earned at Enron. He is credited with being the individual most responsible for helping to recover $6 billion for Enron shareholders. He currently serves as a Principal with KeenCorp, an artificial intelligence software firm, and he consults with Nonexecutive Directors, Management, Hedge Funds, and Auditors, in order to identify potentially critical finance, accounting, compensation, and cultural issues.   Open Invitation To All, Lunch To Follow  Wednesday 22nd May | 11:00am - 1:00pm  UNE Lecture Theatre 1, W40 EBL Building 23 May UNE SRI Event: Managing Intellectual Property  

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