APVMA is a ‘go’!!

November 25, 2016

In fantastic news for Armidale the decision to relocate the APVMA to Armidale has been made.

(With thanks to Peter Sniekers for this summary):
Deputy PM Joyce announced:


  • Australia needs decentralisation.
  • Coalition believes in decentralisation.
  • Other examples are:  RIRDC to Wagga, GRDC to Toowoomba, Fisheries to Adelaide, CSIRO Antarctic Division to Hobart.
  • Want to create Centres of Excellence, with a link between tertiary qualifications and agencies.
  • Therefore the move of APVMA to Armidale has been decided
Why Armidale?:
  • UNE - First regional university
  • Armidale a university town
  • Breed societies here
  • CSIRO presence
  • UNE Science faculty
  • All synergies with APVMA
Decision has gone through Cabinet.
  • $25.6 million has been allocated over the next 6 years for the move
  • A temporary office will be open by March 2017.
  • There are close negotiations with UNE to establish a permanent location for APVMA.
There will be economic benefits for Armidale. Same as when Mining was shifted to Maitland.
Linkages between education in the country, post graduate work, agencies involved.
  • Need a vision same as Drummond when establishing UNE.
  • "Armidale the most apt town for APVMA".
  • Will build on the skill set in Armidale and will attract other businesses as a result.


  • Q: Cost benefit Analysis?
  • A: Will be released today: shows a benefit to Armidale, small loss to Canberra, not "Watergate" as some media are painting it. Nothing exceptional in it. Document is "unremarkable". If CBA was used for the metro train system, it would show it does not pay its way.  Similarly the Opera House would never have been built, UNE would never have been established.