Armidale Future School

August 23, 2017


In June 2017, the NSW Treasurer announced in the budget that a brand new, purpose-built high school with capacity for 1500 students will be constructed on the Armidale High School site by 2020 and 2021, at a cost of $65 million.

The new school will bring together Armidale High School and Duval High School into a combined institution, with facilities to rival any school in NSW and possibly Australia. These will include state-of-the-art flexible learning spaces, specialist subject facilities for science and technology, recording and performance facilities, and sporting facilities. The current agricultural programs on the site will be maintained.

A school is much more than just its facilities. This new school will be based on best practices in teaching and learning, including integrated learning methods, personalised learning, support for gifted and talented students, real world teaching and learning, and student ownership of learning pathways.

This school will offer a significantly expanded curriculum including extension subjects. It may also include the full range of vocational education courses and offer integrated academic and vocational learning pathways. We will expand and improve wellbeing support for students, reinvigorate our teaching practices, and involve parents and carers as partners in education. We will strengthen partnerships with our Aboriginal community through cultural exchange, strengthening our involvement in the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, and closer links to the University of New England’s Oorala Centre.

Armidale’s wider community will benefit too, through access to state of the art sporting, performance and conference facilities, and through economic development associated with building the new school. The new school will be play an important role in the broader Armidale and New England communities.

The design of the school and its mix of facilities, are being planned by us – the students, parents, staff and the broader community. As such, the community are invited to participate in an ongoing series of parent and community engagement sessions, and special interest groups.

Dates for upcoming sessions include:

Thursday 31 August 6:45 – 8:30 pm Leadership Centre, Armidale Community session
 Monday 4 September 2:45 – 4:30 pm Leadership Centre, Armidale Special interest groups
 Monday 4 September 6:45 – 8:30 pm Leadership Centre, Armidale Community session groups
 Tuesday 5 September 9:15 – 11:00 am Leadership Centre, Armidale Special interest groups
 Tuesday 5 September 11:45 – 1:30 pm Leadership Centre, Armidale Community session

Interested parties can register for a session or for the e-newsletter on the website at