Why join the Armidale business chamber?

The Armidale Business Chamber brings together some 200 thriving Armidale businesses - more than 70% of Armidale's GDP. By joining us, you get to:

  1. Make new contacts. Get new ideas.
    We hold meetings at least monthly, at which leaders from local businesses – and beyond - share ideas and opportunities. You’ll benefit from their learnings - as well as from opportunities to network with your peers, customers and suppliers..
  2. Boost your visibility
    As a member, your company and logo will be listed on the Armidale Business Chamber website – one of Google’s most popular sites for business in Armidale.
  3. Be heard in government
    As the voice of business in Armidale, we represent a credible channel to raise local issues and put business' view to our Local, State and Federal Government representatives.
  4. Send a positive message to customers
    Research shows that customers think more highly of businesses who are members of their local Chamber – and are two-thirds more likely** to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.
  5. Have business advice on tap
    Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to turn to with questions and business frustrations? Members of the Armidale Business Chamber enjoy practical support via our:

    • Business Hotline - unlimited access to a team of advisors providing information, support and sound advice. Call as many times as you like – it’s a free service to Members!
    • Workplace Advice Line - 3 free calls pa for answers on staff, wage and other workplace decisions
    • Legal Online toolkit – download sample agreements, governance guidelines and other business legal documents
  6. Join forces to make a difference
    Together, we can help develop Armidale's business sector. And that's an investment in your future: because business growth creates new opportunities for us all.

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My business is predominantly a repeat and referral one; however I have been very pleasantly surprised at the value I have received through my Armidale Business Chamber membership.  Where I have picked up new clients - that have not been referred to me - a very significant proportion has come either via the member directory or from my participation at Chamber events.  I attend these events for other reasons, and will continue to do so; however it has certainly increased the value of my membership.

I would encourage any new business to join the Chamber to both increase their business profile and to benefit from the numerous professional development and networking events they hold.'

Ingrid Rothe Vivid Marketing Services

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