Building your Business through Focus and Innovation

May 8, 2018


The UNE Business School is presenting two linked sessions designed to unleash your full business potential.  By articulating and aligning your values and the values of your business - you are better able to focus and innovate to achieve greater productivity and success.


Workshop One:  The Power of Values Alignment  |  Wednesday 30 May 5:30 - 7:30pm


The first of two workshops focuses on the power of a values focused business practice. In this highly interactive workshop you will clarify the values and direction of your business and develop a strategy that will allow you to unleash its full potential.


Between the two sessions you have the opportunity to further expand on your strategy and have it reviewed at the second workshop.


This workshop will be presented by Dr Phil Harrell, the Executive Director and founder of the training and consulting companies - The Leadership Alliance, and, New England Management Development.


Phil Harrell Headshot

Learn more about Dr Harrell HERE.


Workshop Two:  How Entrepreneurs do it  |  Wednesday 6 June 5:30 - 7:30pm


The second of the two workshops begins with a debrief from the first workshop before moving further into entrepreneurship principles.


The research shows that entrepreneurs have a distinctive approach to innovation and success. In this second workshop you will learn how to recognise the elements of entrepreneurial thinking that you already use. Furthermore, you will learn about the whole entrepreneurial mindset, and how you can apply it appropriately in the context of your own business activities.


This workshop will be presented by Dr Simon Burgess, lecturer in the UNE Business School and experienced project manager and management consultant.


Simon Burgess Headshot

Learn more about Dr Burgess HERE.