Business Advisory: Big W

August 20, 2020


Armidale Region Business Advisory

Dear Member / Friend,

Please find below a copy of a press release issued to our local media.

Anthony Fox, President of Armidale Business Chamber said he was bitterly disappointed with the decision to withdraw Big W from Armidale.

“Towns such  Armidale depend upon shops and businesses large and small for their economy to thrive, to provide employment, and to contribute to the feeling of wellbeing in the community. I appreciate that Big W has to maintain an economically viable business, but there is more to it than that. In regional areas, they also have a moral responsibility, particularly in current economic times.

The Armidale shopping scene, along with our local small retailers, form part of the fabric of our community. When stores such as Big W leave town they tear that fabric in a way that is difficult to repair

Big W no doubt makes decisions based on turnover and return on investment. That part is simple. Taking into account drought, bushfires and COVID-19  and the effect of withdrawing a store, however, is both more complex and necessary.

I’m not convinced that Big W has taken these matters into account and properly considered the serious effect on individuals and families when people lose their jobs. Big W has said that it will do all within its power to help its Armidale employees find new employment.  It should be kept to its word.

I’m also not convinced that they have done enough to make the store in Armidale — which services other areas as well, a viable proposition.


Stay safe and stay distant.

Kind Regards,


Anthony Fox
Armidale Business Chamber
0402 838 077