Business Profile – Madan Narayalamurthy

April 5, 2018


Madan Narayanamurthy is the founder of NetConstructs, a digital marketing agency based in Armidale.  NetConstructs harnesses the power of digital technologies to enable small business to function productively and with an innovative edge.


Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be in the Armidale region?


‘I run a digital marketing agency called NetConstructs.  Here I work closely with small to medium business, assisting in digital advertising and implementing digital marketing strategies.  NetConstucts started 8 years ago in Adelaide, with the main goal to inspire, engage and empower small business to harness the potential of digital technologies.  My wife is a GP and as part of the Rural Doctors Network placement scheme she had an opportunity to work in family practice in Armidale.  So, as we all do, I moved for love!  That was two years ago and I now call the beautiful New England, home.’


How did you get started in Digital Strategy?


‘I started building websites for a few of my friends whilst I was working in an IT company.  Doing work in sales support for this IT company, I was given the additional task of managing email marketing for a clientele database of 10,000 members.  This encouraged me to explore new digital marketing channels and journey into an industry that’s continually evolving.  I grew from sales support into a fully-fledged Digital Strategist and NetConstructs was born shortly after.  I always enjoy discovering new technologies and digital marketing formats because the industry is so fast paced.  What we think is cutting-edge today, is history tomorrow!’


What type of customers do you work with?


‘I’m dedicated to working with small to medium business.  80% of my customer base is small business.  Having lived for years in Adelaide I have worked with an array of people in diverse business backgrounds including: online retailers, independent consultants, real estate agents, lawyers and more.  It was here that I learnt everyone’s needs are unique!’


Why did you join the Armidale Business Chamber and what do you enjoy about the Armidale Business Community?


‘Joining the Armidale Business Chamber provides endless opportunities to network, form partnerships, learn from the experiences of others and share knowledge and ideas.  Being a member of the Chamber I have met with many like-minded people from within our region, many of whom I have had the pleasure of working with.’


What does the future hold for Madan Narayanamurthy and NetConstructs?


‘My passion is to help, and educate small business to gain success by utilising the latest digital methodologies and tools.  As we look to the future I hope to be a part of the facilitation of small business growth in Armidale and the New England.  With so many fantastic businesses in the New England it is only right that they are seen and heard!’



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