Excellence in Workplace Inclusion

July 5, 2018

The Excellence in Inclusion award recognises businesses that address the needs of a diverse community, including seniors, people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, and people with disability.  An inclusive business facilitates the needs of all its employees and customers.  For example, for people with disability, there are multiple elements of inclusion that go beyond regulatory compliance to create a functional and welcoming environment.  These strategies or initiatives must have a positive impact on employees, the organisation and the customer as a whole.


The questions of the Award Category are outlined below:

  1. Outline your current staff level and diversity – include employees with disability, seniors (over 55) and people from CALD backgrounds. Words max 200
  2. Identify and describe your positive and/ or proactive inclusive practices within the business that go beyond regulatory compliance. Words max 350
  3. Describe your HR and employment hiring practices that demonstrate your commitment to being an inclusive employer. Words max 350
  4. Identify and describe how your business has created an accessible and inclusive environment that is welcoming for customers with disability, seniors and people from CALD backgrounds. Words max 400
  5. Explain why your business embarked on being more accessible and inclusive and describe what further actions you will take in the future to becoming more accessible and inclusive to employees and customers. Words max 400


If your business or a business you know should be recognised as the 2018 Excellence in Workplace Inclusion Award winner nominate or enter in the 2018 Armidale Regional Business Awards! Don't forget the entry deadline has been extended till Midnight 15th July.

Enter the Awards here - 2018 Armidale Regional Business Awards Entry Portal

Download a nomination form here - Nomination Form 2018