Letter to Member; COVID-19. JobMaker (26 May 2020)

May 26, 2020

Dear Member / Friend,


Today the Prime Minister in a lengthy speech to the National Press Club, announced the JobMaker Plan. He stated that the “economic lifelines”, JobSeeker and JobKeeper are only short term, temporary measures. Significantly he also said that: “Opening up will be harder than closing down”. This is something I think, that is currently being experienced by businesses in Armidale as they restart their businesses while obeying public health requirements.

The JobMaker Plan is set out as a plan “to enable Australia to emerge from this crisis and set up Australia for economic success over the next 3-5 years”.

JobMaker involves the Federal Government becoming more closely involved in and overhauling skills training, “we need Australians better trained for the jobs businesses are looking to create”. The plan looks at what is described as “a system that is clunky and unresponsive to skills demands”

The Government has established 3 skills pilots in human services, digital technologies and mining. They are “designed to give industry the opportunity to shape the training system to be more responsive to skill needs and take responsibility for qualification development”. The National Skills Commission, due to be established in July, will provide detailed labour market analysis, including the skills needs of Australia. The analysis is intended in part to assist students with their career and training choices.

Under JobMaker there will also be changes to Federal funding for skills training.

There is also to be a new process to be led by the Federal Attorney General to bring together stakeholders in the Australian industrial relations system to chart a practical reform agenda, what is described as a job making agenda, to deal with particular aspects of industrial relations. This process is to be carried out by September.  The PM stated that the present industrial relations system is not “fit for purpose.” Five working groups will be established in the following areas:

  1. Award simplification
  2. Enterprise Agreement making
  3. Casuals and fixed term employees
  4. Compliance and enforcement
  5. Greenfields Agreements

As mentioned above the process is to be “time-bound”-by September.

Here is the full text of the Prime Minister’s address: https://www.pm.gov.au/media/address-national-press-club-260520

This note would not be complete without me asking everyone who can, to support those businesses that have been closed and have emerged or are emerging from COVID hibernation, or have been able to soldier on during the last few months.

All the best. Stay safe, stay distant.


Anthony Fox

Armidale Business Chamber

0402 838 077

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