Letter to Member; COVID-19: Pubs And Clubs; Restaurants, Cafes And Bars; Weddings And Funerals; High Risk Areas (17 July 2020)

July 17, 2020

Dear Member / Friend,

From today:

  • Pubs can only have a maximum of 10 people per group booking (down from 20), with a maximum of 300 patrons or one customer per 4 square metres, whichever is the lesser.
  • Alcohol can only be served to seated customers.

From tomorrow, 18 July 2020:

  • All pubs must ensure that their COVID-19 Safety Plan is registered with the NSW Government. Pubs may have to revise their existing Safety Plans in order to comply with the new restrictions.
  • Pubs must appoint a dedicated COVID Safe Hygiene Marshall to ensure social distancing, cleaning and hygiene at the venue. That person must stand out and be dressed in distinctive clothing.
  • The COVID Safe Hygiene Marshall must be present at peak periods where the pub has a capacity of less than 250 and during lunch (12pm-3pm) and dinner (5pm-9pm). With large pubs with a capacity of more than 250 people, the Marshall must be present whenever the pub is open.
  • Patrons must sign in (as they have been doing already at various venues in Armidale) and provide contact details (phone number or email address). While paper signage is permitted, pubs must keep a digital record of customer contact, within 24 hours of the contact.
  • The pubs must set up tables in such a way to support 1.5 metres of physical distance where possible.
  • Any business found in breach may face a fine of up to $550,000 with a further $27,500 for each day the offence continues.

Here is a link with greater detail: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/what-you-can-and-cant-do-under-rules#pubs--compliance-and-restrictions

If you are going to a pub, please look out, for your safety, and that of others, and follow the social distancing rules as well as the pub requirements.

Clubs are not subject to these rules, the reason being that clubs already have a registration system, providing a degree of compliance.

Today the Premier announced a tightening of restrictions for cafes, restaurants and bars.

Commencing Friday 24 July 2020:
* Limited group bookings – up to 10 people
* Everyone to be seated – no mingling
* Weddings and corporate events limited to 150 people
* Funerals and places of worships limited to 100 people

The link above is also to pages setting out the changes as well as providing a comprehensive list of current restrictions: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/what-you-can-and-cant-do-under-rules#pubs--compliance-and-restrictions

A number of hotspots and risk areas in and around Sydney have been identified. Here is a link to those hotspots and risk areas, should you have recently been there: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updates

Stay safe and stay distant.

Kind Regards,


Anthony Fox
Armidale Business Chamber

0402 838 077

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