Letter to Member; COVID-19. To Recap This Week (29 May 2020)

May 29, 2020

Dear Member / Friend,


The COVID-19 NSW Small Business Grant closes this Sunday 31 May 2020. If you wish to apply and haven’t yet, here is the link to submit your application: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-small-business-covid-19-support-grant

You will, amongst other things, need to show evidence of a decline in turnover of 75% compared to the equivalent period of at least 2 weeks in 2019. It is a big drop which has happened to many businesses.

From Monday 1 June 2020, we must all continue to:

Travel and Museums etc


  • Pubs, clubs and restaurants can have up to 50 customers per dining area, subject to the 4-square metre rule and observing the social distancing rules.

Beauty Salons

  • Beauty and nail salon operators can begin treatments. Proprietors must ensure that the 4-square metres rule is observed with the implementation of a Safety Plan. See:
  • Hairdressers have been open, subject to redirection.

Worship Weddings and Funerals

  • Up to 20 people can attend weddings, 50 people at funerals and 50 people at places of worship.

Qantas, next week at least, will continue with its very restricted timetable. Rex as far as I can see has no flights.

I have been out visiting businesses during this last week. With my very limited skills I have taken photos and posted them on the Chamber Facebook page. I’ll continue to get around to see as many businesses as I can while working at my day job. They all have their own COVID story to tell and all of them could do with our continuing support.

All the best. Stay safe, stay distant.


Anthony Fox

Armidale Business Chamber

0402 838 077

Armidale Business Chamber FREE business coaching package April 2020


The Armidale Business Chamber has put together a free business coaching package to support business as they adjust to significant change under very tight timeframes and difficult circumstances.

In partnership with Mandy Walker of Focus First the Chamber is providing a 45 minute one on one business coaching consultation (via phone).  Each session is tailored to the needs of the individual business, whether those are: 'tactical and practical, providing help with navigating the now; or survival, keeping your business afloat; or for future planning, reimagining your business or starting a new one.

The consult is by appointment only. Contact Mandy via email or phone 0459 098 618.

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