WiNG – Women’s Networking Group

Built on the foundations of the former New England Enterprising Women's Breakfast, the Armidale Business Chamber's Women's Networking Group is focused on women's professional interests and issues, as well as providing opportunities for professional development.

The idea underpinning WiNG is that of empowering women to take flight.  The i in WiNG also stands for inspiring, insightful, informative and interesting, representing our membership and the calibre of our guest speakers.

Why is it important to have a professional women's network in Armidale?

WiNG brings together women to explore their potential and voice their challenges in an environment in which women feel connection and support from each other.  Doing so gives women a forum to help build the leadership capability that helps us make meaningful progress while managing the challenges of work and life.

The Women’s Networking Group meets monthly over breakfast to share ideas and support each other’s journeys as academics, business and professional women, as well as women on the land.

A popular feature of the WiNG breakfasts is to hear from women in the region themselves, about their businesses, what inspires them and why they have chosen to live and work in the New England.

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