Letter to Member; COVID-19: $3000 Grant. Council: Change Of Name; Council Webinar (30 June 2020)

June 30, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, $3,000 GRANT  From tomorrow, 1 July 2020, small businesses and not for profits can apply for the Small Business Recovery Grant. The grant is intended to assist businesses as they reopen from the restrictions imposed as... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. Department Of Regional NSW – Armidale; REX And QANTASLink (26 June 2020)

June 26, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, NEWLY ESTABLISHED DEPARTMENT OF REGIONAL NSW - ARMIDALE Today, John Barilaro, the NSW Deputy Premier, announced the establishment of the Department of Regional NSW. This is a very welcome development as it provides a better focus... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. Exports And Reopening Grants (17 June 2020)

June 17, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, EXPORTS The NSW Government announced today a $12.8 million package in support of programs to create jobs and support the regions. The package is intended to reinvigorate export industries affected by COVID-19 and provides for more... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. UPDATE: 1 July Changes; Brewers; And Chamber Communications (16 June 2020)

June 16, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, CHANGES EFFECTIVE 1 JULY Inside Venue Changes The number of people allowed at inside venues (currently 50) will be determined by the 4 square metre rule with no upper limit. All activity is to be seated. Nightclubs... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. UPDATE. Further Relaxation; Fitness And Gyms; Politicians; REX (11 June 2020)

June 11, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, FURTHER RELAXATION The Premier has announced today, that from this Saturday, 13 June 2020: Food courts will be allowed to reopen provided they have a COVID-19 Safe Plan in place and adhere to the 4 square metre rule.... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. UPDATE. HomeBuilder, COVID Safe Links For Business (10 June 2020)

June 10, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, UPDATE The recession we are about to have is not the one we had to have but is a consequence of the pandemic, predictable when you shut down large parts of the economy. The question now... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. More Good News; Children’s Sport; Business Connect Advisers (2 June 2020)

June 2, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, MORE GOOD NEWS The State Government has announced today that from Saturday 13 June 2020, further businesses can open, and  some recreational activities can take place: fitness, gymnasiums, Pilates, yoga and dance studios can reopen with... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. Grant Extension; Arts And Culture; Useful Links (1 June 2020)

June 1, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, We’re moving forward, more doors open from today, and more businesses are slowly emerging from hibernation. You can travel freely (within NSW) go to libraries, visit museums, and have greater numbers at restaurants, cafes and clubs.... Read more

Letter to Member; COVID-19. To Recap This Week (29 May 2020)

May 29, 2020

Dear Member / Friend, TO RECAP SMALL BUSINESS GRANT The COVID-19 NSW Small Business Grant closes this Sunday 31 May 2020. If you wish to apply and haven’t yet, here is the link to submit your application: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-small-business-covid-19-support-grant You will, amongst... Read more

WiNG 3 x 3 Interview; Amy Kiernan, NSW Regional Manager, BEST Employment

May 27, 2020

WiNG has asked its members to answer 3 questions in 3 minutes. 1. How has the COVID -19 affected you professionally? 2. What are the challenges and opportunities that you have faced to date as a result? 3. If there... Read more