Regional Development Australia Northern Inland NSW: Survey for Free Training

April 18, 2018


Are you wanting to take your business online but struggling to do it? Are you stuck or overwhelmed with all of the information or is simply finding the time the thing that’s getting to you?


Would you like some Free Training to help you get un-stuck?


Regional Development Australia Northern Inland has the opportunity to apply for some funding to create a new training program to help businesses trade online. We ran something similar last year under the name of Go Digital. It was very broad in focus and this time we are looking at creating a class that focuses on one thing and gives the learners time to put it all into practice. For example, 3 months of how to use facebook or 3 months of how to build a list of interested customers online.


So we’ve put together a very quick 5 minute survey to ask you what you are struggling with and what your dream training solution would be… rather than us thinking we already know.


Here’s the link to the survey:


If you’d like to check out what we created with Go Digital (especially if you missed it) you can see it at: The free training materials are all still available and online to take advantage of, if you need.


Even if you aren’t struggling right now, it would be great to hear about what might have helped you when you were struggling.


Alternatively, if surveys aren’t your thing – please contact Tiff at or on 6771 0700 if you’d like to express your thoughts or struggles.


Here’s the link to the survey: