‘My business is predominantly a repeat and referral one; however I have been very pleasantly surprised at the value I have received through my Armidale Business Chamber membership. Where I have picked up new clients - that have not been referred to me - a very significant proportion has come either via the member directory or from my participation at Chamber events. I attend these events for other reasons, and will continue to do so; however it has certainly increased the value of my membership. I would encourage any new business to join the Chamber to both increase their business profile and to benefit from the numerous professional development and networking events they hold.’

Ingrid Rothe Vivid Marketing Services

“The Armidale Chamber – and its New England Enterprising Women’s group in particular – is such a rich environment for regional women. It gives women a place to share ideas and encourage each other in our professional lives. It was my great pleasure to recently lead a NEEW breakfast on my core passion – developing our communication skills for personal and professional success – and the group’s warm reception and energetic response was terrific.”

Annie Keoghan - MBA, Grad Cert T&D, BSocSc

Annie K Communication Matters

“Since launching my HR business in 2013, I’ve been a proud member of the Armidale Chamber – I’ve found it a useful resource for networking, hearing new ideas and, most definitely, gaining new business. On top of that, being named a winner at the Armidale Chamber Business Awards in 2014 was a great confidence boost. It was wonderful to gain recognition of my business’ direction and momemtum – and the positive feedback from the business community has reinforced my commitment to providing the very best HR support to local business.”

Bron Pearson
Bronwyn Pearson Consulting

There is strength in numbers and unity.
Quadrant Australia is a national / international organisation but has a local presence. Our membership of the Armidale Chamber has been beneficial through our attendance and participation in their sponsored events. For our membership to be truly rewarding however, all existing and new emerging Armidale based businesses should consider becoming members to develop local and supportive relationships and if required, be able to speak and act with a unified voice. A business community needs to come together to speak and act as a substantial body and will benefit from that aggregation. The Armidale Business Chamber provides that basis of aggregation.

Graeme Mitchell
Quadrant Australia

I recently attended an Armidale Business Chamber of Commerce function. This group of community focused business people were very welcoming and have already helped me, as a new member, to promote my business to other businesses in the local area. My initial experience has been positive and rewarding. I look forward to making more connections and contributing to the promotion and development of local business excellence.

Nicholas Bell
Tablelands Carpentry & Construction

“I am proud to be a Member of the Armidale Business Chamber.  The primary driver of my involvement is the Chamber’s ongoing efforts and energy towards encouraging business and, through program such as the Business Awards, acknowledging business excellence in our local community.  The Chamber also is a strong forum for connecting with Armidale’s business community and maintaining the conversations that spark new ideas for growth.”

Adam Marshall, MP
Member for Northern Tablelands

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