WiNG Newsletter: Shift Happens, Breakfast With Airlie Bell – 21 July 2020

July 16, 2020


Introducing our July WiNG Breakfast presenter, Airlie Bell, free business coaching, AND don't forget our free membership offer!

WiNG Breakfast with Airlie Bell

This month's WiNG breakfast features Airlie Bell. Airlie is Team Leader, Bespoke Career Concierge Team at the University of New England, an independent careers practitioner and winner of the Career Development Association of Australia’s 2017 award for Excellence in Career Development Practice (Individual).

At this month's breakfast Airlie will be facilitating a professional development session designed to help us navigate uncertain times.

Shift Happens

Generally we are encouraged to set goals and make plans, and under normal circumstances, where life is reasonably stable and predictable this works quite well. However, when the world becomes chaotic, unpredictable and volatile, we can feel that we have lost control and there is significant anxiety around not being able to keep to plan and achieve goals. A helpful shift in thinking can give us tools to deal with these times of uncertainty.

Based on the work of Dr Jim Bright and Dr Robert Pryor, shiftwork does not ask us to stop setting goals and making plans, but it provides an additional mental toolbox that gives us other ways to think about our future. . The ideas apply equally well to our personal and work lives. It has been called 'Shift Happens'.

More about Airlie

Airlie was involved in the development of a world first in education leading  a team of careers professionals to create a new approach to delivering professional development through UNE. Her brief was to design the framework for a university course that would meet all the accreditation requirements for a postgraduate course, yet be flexible enough to allow people to design what they need for their own professional development. The project? The Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice.

Our New Format

We will be starting at 7.30am and finishing at 8.30am. This allows time for Q & A at the end. And we will still have time to chat and catch up informally with each other.

We will be using zoom and you will be easily able to join from a link we email you. We will provide instructions on how to join so please register now. We recommend you join a few minutes early for your first zoom meeting.

We look forward to seeing you.

Hosted by the University of New England
we have 9 (maximum) socially distanced physical places
available at the University of New England.
If you are interested in taking one of these 9 places up please email

In recognition of the disruption to local business by the COVID-19 pandemic the Chamber has waived its membership fees until 1 September. If you are currently not formally a member of the Chamber we like to invite you to take up this opportunity. We will be commencing a formal review of our pricing structure that is intended to take effect in September. We will be consulting with our membership in due course.
In the meantime, the Chamber has been proactively supporting its members and the broader business community over the last several months and is working hard to build its programs. Along with the benefits of membership you will receive, and the opportunity to inform the Chamber's future course, a strong membership assists the Chamber source funding such as grants and sponsorship so it can continue its work.

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The Armidale Business Chamber's Women's Networking Group (WiNG) has asked its members to answer 3 questions in 3 minutes: 1. How has the COVID -19 affected you professionally?; 2. What are the challenges and opportunities that you have faced to date as a result?; and 3. If there was a silver lining in your current situation - what would it be?

Check out our first 3 x 3-ers,  on our youtube channel here.

We'd love to hear your story. Please submit your video to WiNG program leader, Deborah Hunter via email.

Armidale Business Chamber FREE business coaching package April 2020

The Armidale Business Chamber has put together a free business coaching package to support business as they adjust to significant change under very tight timeframes and difficult circumstances.

In partnership with Mandy Walker of Focus First the Chamber is providing a 45 minute one on one business coaching consultation (via phone).  Each session is tailored to the needs of the individual business, whether those are: 'tactical and practical, providing help with navigating the now; or survival, keeping your business afloat; or for future planning, reimagining your business or starting a new one.

The consult is by appointment only. Contact Mandy via email
or phone 0459 098 618.

WiNG Breakfast Schedule 2020

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